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Sandia Neurology - An Integrative Approach to Neurological Care

Sandia Neurology - An Integrative Approach to Neurological Care

Sandia Neurology - An Integrative Approach to Neurological CareSandia Neurology - An Integrative Approach to Neurological Care

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Neurological Consultation


Your neurological consultation in this office will review your history and prior testing, medications and supplements, complete a neurological examination, provide counseling and testing as needed, and  integrative treatment plan or advice.  We believe that getting to know you as a person is important in developing a successful plan to improve your quality of life in ways we can.  Your preferences as far as work up and treatment are always taken into consideration. Please bring with your any test results you have, any prior notes and labs, your medication list, and anything else you find useful. 

Diagnostic Testing


We provide in office nerve conduction studies, electromyography, vagal nerve stimulator testing and programming, nerve blocks and trigger points, Botox injections for migraine and movement disorders.   Tests will be ordered when needed, and we will discuss with you the pros and cons of every test ordered.  Not all tests are indicated or medically necessary, and we will help you make the best decisions for your health and priorities.

Ongoing Care


We will continue to provide ongoing care for you as needed.  It is important to update your medication and supplementation list every time  and to run an interaction screen for you.  Sometimes this results in regular screening laboratory studies to make sure every medication you are taking is not causing you harm.  You may need other tests to check the progress of your disease.  We provide a neurological examination at each visit which can be focused and brief or extensive as needed.  We will make sure you understand when and why we need to repeat your evaluations.   For some diagnoses like Headache/Migraine and Multiple Sclerosis we also offer group visits which discuss both a disease overview and up to date review of current treatments and strategies. 

Information about each appointment type

We accept Presbyterian, United, and Medicare (most plans). Please check if you need a referral. Others are self pay.