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Sandia Neurology - An Integrative Approach to Neurological Care


At Sandia Neurology, we work with you to determine the best integrative approach to your neurological needs.

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Our Goal

Corona Virus Update

Corona Virus Update

 Our goal is to provide a different and thorough integrative approach to your individual and unique neurological issues.  We believe that each patient has different needs and concerns, and we will work with you to provide excellent neurological care and treatment specifically designed for you.


Corona Virus Update

Corona Virus Update

Corona Virus Update

I now  offer telemedicine visits and in office visits for any procedures or injections, or patient preference.  You can schedule these on Appointment page.  

Urgent telemedicine visits can be requested same day.

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Neurology Treatment Updates:


Ocrevus - these are now scheduled based on your risk and your disease.  Schedule a visit with me to discuss your situation.

Gilenya -although this drug is being investigated as a treatment, it might also make you more likely to acquire Covid 19. Stopping this drug can give you rebound, so do not stop without first discussing with me.  Schedule a visit with me to review this specifically as it effects you. 

Aubagio, Tecfidera, Betaseron, Rebif, Avonex, Copaxone, Glatopa, Glatiramir

 - all of these are OK to continue and will not effect your risk of Covid.

Tysabri - this is thought to be safe and highly effective for MS without increasing the risk of Covid.

If you are taking another MS medication, contact me directly.


None of the migraine medications seem to effect your risk of acquiring Covid however many patients are noticing an increase in their migraine frequency and duration.  If your symptoms are worsening, please contact me.


Some of your medications may be effected by supply chain.  Contact me if your medication is one.


Try these things:

1. 10 second breathing cycles

2. get outside every hour

3. decide what you can control 


5. avoid sugar

6. eat a balanced diet

7.limit your news consumption

8.drink green tea

9. clean your living spaces

10. talk to others

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Our Awards

Corona Virus Update

Our Awards

 We are honored to continue to win a number of awards over the past decade including Top Albuquerque Neurologist 2020 and 2019, Best Adult Neurology Clinic , Albuquerque Top Docs,  Top 3 Neurologists in Albuquerque 2020 and 2019,  Patient Care Award, Best of Business, Who's Who, Lifetime Achievement, and many others. 

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